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    Happy Monday Green families.

    On Friday, our PAC met and discussed the 2020 school year so far.  We allowed parents to ask questions, though there were few given no final decision from our school board on how to move forward.  We do want to emphasize to our families, however, that a return to in-person instruction in any format will NOT be a return to school as we remember it.  Masks will be required. Teachers will have to socially distance. Materials will not be shared. Things will be different, as we need to begin preparing our students for it. When we have a decision from the school board, we will be in touch with additional information. For now, continue to support learning for your children at home - you're doing a GREAT job!

    I-Station Assessments are underway. They are computerized, therefore we will not be conducting small groups as usual this week.  Small group sessions will be for teachers to assist students with taking the I-Station assessments. It is helpful for you to assist your child with logging into the program. However, it is not acceptable to assist them with the assessments. THIS IS NOT A GRADE! This is an assessment used to give a starting level for instruction.  Helping your child with the assessments does NOT give us an accurate picture of the assistance a student may need.  In fact, helping a child take this assessment may eliminate them from possible supports they need to be successful!

    Please be aware that we have all data for our students as of March 2020 when schools closed. We will cross reference this data with any assessment data we collect currently.  We will also re-assess students as needed for the most accurate picture of performance levels moving forward.

    Thank you for your support as we move through this process.


    Lisa Brown, Principal


    • If you are downloading the I-station app onto a personal device, a log in page will automatically pop up.  CLOSE IT and log in via the WCPSS student portal with the student ID
    • When the assessment is complete, the BLUE ISIP progress button disappears - this means the assessment is over. Stop working.
    • If you can't make it work, contact the helpdesk at https://www.wcpss.net/domain/17256