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    Hello Green Community -

    I hope this message finds you and your family healthy and safe from last night's stormy weather.  I'm glad that our school was unharmed and hope that you fared well.  I've received a few emails from folks so I want to give you a quick update about coming information.

     First, I know that everyone is eager to do all the "normal" school prep things we'd be doing at this time of year. Unfortunately, this is not a normal school year beginning.  Therefore, we have some very different processes that school staff must follow this year.  Class lists, for example, are strongly driven by Virtual Academy enrollment (even further complicated by the choice of all year vs semester) and assignment of students into Cohorts 1, 2, and 3 under the Plan B model.  Our goal at Green is to create as much stability as possible for students once the school year begins.  Therefore, its taking way longer to establish class lists, etc. District info flow has been prioritized for YEAR ROUND schools and EARLY start schools.  Traditional calendar teachers do not return to work until August 13.

     The district has only placed NON-VA students who ride buses and have siblings at any school in the district. All others must be placed into cohorts manually by us.  Since I don't have the initial list, it is impossible for me to do this right now.  I will do it as soon as I receive the information.

    Please also remember that class configurations will look different this year.  Your child may have one face to face teacher but a different remote learning teacher.  This decision is driven first by enrollment - which is why it is critical that students get enrolled and that they are present and counted in the first 10 days of school.  Teacher content assignments and class lists will be assigned based on number of staff available, human resource requested and granted work accommodations, and the number of students who are officially counted in our enrollment by Day 10 of the school year.

     This process is challenging during a regular school year, but it is doubly so this school year.  I promise that I will get official information to you as soon as I possibly can.  What you can know for certain at this time is that your child will receive instruction in the following:  English/Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, the Arts, Physical Healthful Living, and the World Language that they chose.  Some of this learning will be live, in real time and some of it will not.  Learning time each day will be a mix, and there will be assignments made and videotaped lessons for students as well. 

     As noted in my last communication, online learning will be different that what was experienced in the fall. Grades will be given, attendance will be taken.  Assessments and assignments will be distributed, graded, and returned for feedback. Teacher teams will have to work closely together.




    A schedule for the FIRST TWO WEEKS of orientation will come out to you by this weekend.  This schedule will differ slightly from the VA/Plan B schedule because we will do events such as virtual open house by grade level and materials distribution by grade level during the first two weeks.  

    The semester schedule for Virtual Academy and Plan B Transition will be sent to you by August 10.  Until such time as the district/Governor decide that students will re-enter the building, Virtual Academy AND Plan B Transition will operate on the same schedule.


    1. Technology distribution to students will begin on August 17.  Five locations have been established for distribution of technology.  If you indicated on the survey that you need technology, you will receive a DATE/TIME for your pick up - you can pick up technology from ANY of the five locations.  Please note that you must pick up the technology - schools will NOT be distributing technology from campus. Site locations are:   Leesville Road High School;     Knightdale High School;      South Garner High School;     Apex High School;      Enloe High School

    Hours for technology pick up: Monday, Tuesday, Friday    9:00am - 4:00pm

    Wednesday, Thursday   8:00am - 8:00pm    and Saturdays 9:00am - 1:00pm.  

    Translation services will be available at all locations.  

    2. If you received technology during the spring distribution but there is a problem with functioning, you may take the device to any of these locations for repair/inspection.  If it can be repaired, they will do so.  If not, the device will be switched.


    Beginning August 17, the window of time to pick up lunches will be 10:45am -12:45pm.  Please understand that there may be some small group instruction that goes on during part of this window.  Therefore the entire window will not be available in the daily schedule to every family.  You will also have to provide identification and the student ID number for the students you are picking up meals for. You will have to pay for the meals.     ***This is a change from the summer**** 

    Remember that you must reapply each year for free or reduced price lunches.  To do so, please visit www.wcpss.net and click School Meals.  The application is online and the process is explained.  You may continue to put money into your child's lunch account online using www.MySchoolApps.com. 

    That's enough (more than enough) info for one message.  As we finalize details we will send them out.  Please join us on the following social media platforms - we will begin introducing new staff later this week on these platforms:

    Facebook     Green Elementary PTA

    Twitter        @GreenESLeaders

    If you'd like to join the PTA or have a PTA questions, please reach out to them at greenptainfo.org.  Stay safe and enjoy these last days of summer break.


    Dr. Lisa Brown, Principal

    Green Leadership & World Languages Magnet Elementary School