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    Parent Letter 7-23-2020


    Dear Green Elementary Families –

    I realize that you may be overwhelmed at the amount of information coming your way and I apologize for sending you another communication! We hope this helps you make sense of recent changes in the district’s plan for schools. Updates have been handled. 

    Please read the entire document, then let us know if you have questions.

    What do we know for certain?

    *School will open for all students at Green on August 17, 2020; all cohorts AND Virtual Academy will follow the traditional calendar for 2020-2021.

    *School will begin with ONLINE LEARNING ONLY on August 17. No in person instruction will take place at the beginning of the school year.

    *School hours will remain the same. Instruction begins at 9:15am and the day ends at 4:00pm.

    *VIRTUAL ACADEMY remains regardless of any plan the district or state may indicate for students. VIRTUAL ACADEMY is available to students either by semester or for the entire school year. A new enrollment window will open July 27 and close on July 29. You may enroll or CHANGE your enrollment choice during this time.

    *Students can enroll in Virtual Academy for a semester OR for the entire year; ONLY guarantee for Virtual Academy in the spring is to enroll now for the entire year.

    *To the degree possible, remote learning and Virtual Academy will mirror the experience of a regular school day, with instruction, lunch, play, specials classes and work time.

    **(the degree to which this will mirror the school day will be driven by the numbers of student enrolled in Virtual Academy and staffing levels driven by HR processes for granting workplace accommodations or exemptions to instructional staff)

    *Curriculum, assessment, grading, and attendance will be the same in all versions of school.

    *Technology distributed in the spring will continue to be used when school opens. A technology survey is currently OPEN for ONE WEEK – please complete the survey to indicate a need for a device! Devices will be distributed from a central location and you will have to go pick it up. Deadline to complete survey is July 29. Link is here. https://takehometech.wcpss.net/

    *Return to in person instruction will be driven by decisions at the Governor and School Board level, and these will be guided by NCHHS guidance and trends in local cases of COVID.

    *Virtual Academy students, if you chose the full year option, will remain in virtual learning for the entire 2020-2021 school year regardless of “return to school” decisions made by the Governor or WCPSS.

    PLAN B Transition***** (new name)

    *Plan B Transition is defined as ONLINE LEARNING for all students, with a goal of returning PRE K and Regionally Assigned students to in person instruction by September 8. Currently, this impacts less than 12 students at Green. ALL others will be online to begin the school year.

    *Students will continue to receive Specials classes and World Language classes to the degree possible depending on Human Resources COVID health accommodations for staff.


    *Enrollment required for a full semester OR for the full year (only guarantee for full year is to enroll for full year NOW).

    *Daily schedule will be developed to include ALL subject areas; instruction will be LIVE (synchronous) and recorded (asynchronous). Goal is for 2.5 hours of live instruction per day (adjusted for age, subject, etc.).

    *Students follow the regular school calendar.

    *To the degree possible, students will be assigned to teachers from Green Elementary School. However, it is possible that, due to enrollment numbers and/or staffing levels, students will be assigned a teacher from a different school for specials, language, etc. Schools in the same regions will work closely together in order to support each other.

    *NEW APPLICATION PERIOD for Virtual Academy is July 27-29.

    What will be different at Green Elementary?

    Thank you in advance for your patience as we work through VERY challenging logistics and organizational challenges this school year. The following changes are necessary in order to protect, support, and maintain the health and safety of our children, our staff, and our community.

    Access to Building (if and when there is in person learning)

    *All school-based events will be VIRTUAL (dates to come in early August). Parent conferences will be held by phone or via a virtual platform (Google Meet).

    *Building access will be granted for emergencies only.

    *Students have two ways to enter the building: BUSES and CARPOOL; we will not permit walk ups to the front door this year because we do not have the staff to supervise entry (with mandated health protocols) and social distancing – and if you are on our campus then we must monitor that.

    *Daily temperature checks and health assessment questions will be mandated for EVERY staff member and EVERY student, regardless of how they arrive to school. This process has the potential to make arrival challenging – again thank you for your patience.

    *Again, NO WALKERS this school year.

    *Carpool temperature checks and health questions will be conducted at the beginning of our carpool drive (near cul-de-sac) and will begin at 8:30am. Students who are cleared through the health check will be handed a pass token and they will place that in the basket at the cafeteria door when they get out of their vehicle. If the child does not pass the screening, the child will NOT be allowed to enter the building and the parent will be asked to take the child home.

    *Late check ins and early check outs will be handled at the front door. Photo IDS are always required! Parents will be required to give staff the name of the child, the teacher, the reason for being late/leaving early, and show your ID at the glass door. We will capture a photo of the ID for security purposes, just as we do with the kiosk in the building.

    *Staff will either allow the late student in or will escort the student who is leaving early to the door.

    In the Building (if and when there is in person learning)


    *Students will eat breakfast and lunch in their classroom with their small cohort of students. Our understanding is that all meals will be prepackaged.

    *Specials classes, to the degree possible, will be conducted in the homeroom class of the cohort. If movement to a different space is required, students will be social distanced in the hallways.

    *Hallways and staircases will be labeled ONE WAY and either UP or DOWN – but not both.

    *Students will be specifically taught to wash their hands.

    *Students will not be allowed to drink from water fountains. Water bottles at desks will be allowed.

    *Students will dismiss to carpool and to buses from their classrooms and they will be escorted by staff to ensure social distancing.

    *A separate health room has been established in order to quarantine students with fevers and coughs if this becomes necessary.

    *Students will not be allowed to share any materials of any kind. Technology, manipulatives, and other materials will be cleaned at the end of each cohort week in order to prep for the next cohort.

    *Recess may involve only the track. We have not received guidance on allowing children from other classes to mix together for recess OR on whether we can allow access to equipment on the playground.


    Final Information (At least for now)

    Again, I know that there is a lot of information in this letter. I apologize again for sending so much at you all at once. However, I also know that you have some serious choices to make for your families and I want you to have as much information as you possible can in order to make those choices.

    I have unshakeable faith in the faculty and staff of Green Elementary School to educate your children and keep them safe. At the same time, we have to make sure that we are taking steps to keep the faculty and staff safe as well. We believe with this plan we have done so.

    As always, we are subject to the direction of the WCPSS School Board and district staff. As we receive additional information and guidelines, we will keep you informed.

    You are an amazing community. You are supportive of your children and of us. We are forever grateful for our association with you. Please reach out with questions and needs.