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    Green Leadership & World Languages Magnet Elementary School

    Principal Update January/February 2020



    Congratulations to our students for exceeding the READVOLUTION challenge goal of reading 2020 minutes.  Also, congratulations on being selected as one of 16 schools able to attend a Carolina Hurricanes hockey practice on February 20!  Permission slips were sent home this week and are due before January 24!  Remember to complete the medical information on the back of the form!  Students will report to school for the regular day and we will attend the morning practice – just as we would for any other field trip.  No student will be allowed to attend without a signed permission slip from parents. 



    Remember that Monday, Jan 20, is the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.  There will be no school on that day.  We encourage you to talk with your children about the important contributions made to our country by Dr. King and, perhaps, get out into your communities to provide service. What a great way to honor the day.

    January 29 is a teacher workday.  There will be no school that day.

    February 18 is a teacher workday. There will be no school that day.



    Parents we need your help!  The district continues to struggle with filling substitute positions and we as a school are struggling as well.  We also continue to struggle with student behaviors on days when a substitute in is the room.  Our students are very devoted to their teachers and, sometimes, they are not quite as welcoming and respectful to substitutes as they should be.  We need your help in reinforcing the expectation that student behavior should be even better on days when a substitute is in the class – we should treat them as guest and be our most helpful and pleasant selves in order to help someone who doesn’t know our building or us very well.  This relates specifically with our efforts at teaching students to have integrity – doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

    Thank you in advance for your help with this effort.  We want to be sure that we are all putting our best foot forward as we meet new people and that we are being our “best selves” each day as we learn. 




    PAC (Principal Advisory Council)

    Our next PAC meeting will be held on Tuesday, Jan 21, at 8:00am in the Media Center.  This meeting is open to all parents. We hope to see you there!



    Our next Leadership Showcase will happen on Tuesday, February 4 at 6:15pm.  We hope to see you there!


    PTA Meeting

    Our wonderful PTA will hold a brief meeting in the cafeteria prior to our Leadership Showcase.  Please join us in the cafeteria at 6:00pm on Tuesday, February 4!


    Covey Parent Workshop/Advocacy Panel

    Our next Covey Parent Workshop (using the 7 habits at home) will take place on Tuesday, February 25 at 6:00pm.  We hope you will join us to learn more about the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and how you can use them at home with your family.

    Our PTA will hold an advocacy session prior to this session from 5:30-6:00.  We will have folks from the school board, our school, and likely a state official here to answer questions you may have around school funding, student assignment, etc.  We hope you will join us for this panel and stick around for our Covey Workshop!


    Thank you so much for your continued support of Green.  We can’t do it without you and we’re glad you’re a part of our community. We look forward to seeing you soon!


    Peace – Dr. Brown