March Principal Update

    Spring Break is coming everyone!  Please continue to hang in there with us as we move through this long stretch of time and continue to keep our focus on learning and teaching.  April will be here before you know it.

    Science Fair

    Please remember that if your child signed up to participate in the Science Fair, those experiments should be underway. The Science Fair will be part of our next Leadership Showcase on April 4. Please make plans to join us!

    Parent Workshops

    Thank you so much to those families who joined us for our Covey parent workshop and for our Thriving in School parent workshop. We appreciate your willingness to attend these events and partner with us in the learning of our students.

    If you have questions about the 7 Habits as they relate to students, please contact Tricia Seymour at tseymour@wcpss.net.  If you have questions about the Positivity Project’s 24 character strengths please contact Lauren Herndon at lherndon@wcpss.net or Amanda Palumbo at apalumbo@wcpss.net.

    Proposed School Time Change for 2019-2020

    As part of our Restart/School Improvement Plan, we have requested to add additional minutes to our school day to recapture Core Instruction time that is lost to our commitment to providing World Language instruction to all of our students.  Currently, we have only 1 bus that arrives on campus prior to 4:00pm.  This means that we spend a lot of time waiting for buses – time that we would like to structure into instruction for everyone.

    We propose ending our school day at 4:00pm rather than at 3:45pm in order to give our students more Core Instructional Time during the school day.  We ask for your feedback on a survey that was sent out via email on Monday, March 4.

    This survey also asks for your feedback again on our proposal to move to a Modified School Calendar for the next school year, 2020-2021.  This calendar begins school earlier than the traditional calendar, ends earlier than the traditional calendar, and has 2 week breaks at the end of each quarter that will allow us to support additional student learning needs in a more timely manner. 

    If you did not receive the email, please use the link below by copying it to your browser to provide feedback. The survey will close on Friday, March 8.