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    Principal Message December 2018

    Happy Holidays everyone!  In this season of thanks and joy, please know how very thankful we are for our wonderful learning community.  Each of you is so important to our mission at Green Elementary School and we want you to know how much we appreciate your continued support!

    Thank you

    Thank you so much to those of you who come in to volunteer your time and those who seek out resources in the community for our school and our students.  We especially thank our fabulous PTA for their continued help and support.  We know that it takes a village - and our village is awesome. Thank you again!


    Thank you to all parents who took the time to complete the calendar change survey sent out in October.  We appreciate the feedback.  We are continuing to explore calendar options for the 2020-2021 school year.  To be clear, no decision regarding our operating time has been made.  When there is any additional pertinent information, we will share it with you quickly.  Thanks again to those who attend the monthly Principal Advisory meetings.  We look forward to working with all of you in the new year.

    Security - Morning Arrival

    As you are aware, we conducted a school safety drill on Tuesday, November 27.  As required, we conduct multiple types of drills each year in order to help our students and staff know what to do in the case of any emergency.  We are blessed with very good security measures in our new building and, while it can be frustrating to wait for admittance into the building through the security system, it does provide safety for our children.

    Based on feedback from WCPSS security and Raleigh PD after our lockdown drill, we will now require parents to say goodbye to children at the front door rather than entering the building during our arrival time.  By doing so we can better monitor who is in the building at all times. At this point in our school year all students should be able to make it to their classrooms on their own.  We always have multiple adults in the hallways during arrival to make sure that students get to class safely. 

    If you need to speak to a teacher you should make an appointment or send an email.  If it is necessary to enter the building during arrival, 8:45am – 9:15am, you will be required to enter the main office and sign in via our check-in service. You will then need to sign out when you leave.

    To repeat, beginning January 3, 2019, all parents will say goodbye to students at the front door without entering the building.  If for any reason you must enter the building, you will be directed to the main office to sign into our visitor system as you would at any other time of day.  You will need to sign out when you leave.  Thank you for your understanding of our need for a secure building and for your continued support in keeping Green Elementary safe. 


    Please be reminded that the cut off time for early check out is 3:15pm.  If you have an appointment and need to pick up your child early, please do so before 3:15pm. 

    Leadership Showcase

    Our next Leadership Showcase date is January 24!  Make plans now to attend!

    Winter Weather

    It’s that time of year when we watch and listen for school changes due to inclement weather.  Please be reminded to check out local news stations and to check the WCPSS district web site for any updates related to weather.

    Also please put names inside all jackets and hats!  We had dozens of coats/sweaters/hats in our lost in found prior to the holiday break.  Please remind your children about keeping up with coats and hats – remember to ask about them at the end of the day and, if they are lost, please pay a timely visit to our lost and found. Thanks!

    Magnet Applications

    Magnet applications can be made online during the month of January.  Please share your good experiences here at Green with your friends and neighbors and help us grow our magnet program. 

    Did you know …..

    *Green Elementary has a 1:1 ratio of technology to students

    *Green Elementary has a maker space center in our Media Center that includes a digital printer

    *Green Elementary is one of only a handful of elementary schools to offer daily foreign language instruction to all students as part of our core instruction – NOT as an elective for some

    *Green Elementary can give students virtual travel/museum experiences via our Google Expedition 3-D set

    *Green Elementary offers PTA Teacher grants for teachers to be creative in engaging our students

    Please consider joining our PTA and lending your support!


    Yours in Peace,

    Lisa Brown, Principal