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    Principal’s Message    November 13, 2018

    Thank you so much for your continued support of Green Elementary – we could not do this without you!


    • Congrats to Ms. Newhouse, who renewed her National Board Certification!
    • Congrats to Mr. Neiger, who was elected our Teacher of the Year at Green Elementary School.
    • Congrats to Ms. Shaw, who was elected our Instructional Assistant of the Year at Green


    The Scholastic Book Fair is coming Nov 26 – 30! The Book Fair is a great way to do some holiday shopping and support your school/PTA at the same time.  Flyers were sent home and additional copies are available at the front desk. 

    Mon, Nov 26  Dad & Donuts – Dads come in and shop  8:15-8:45

    Tues, Nov 27  Moms & Muffins – Moms come in and shop  8:15-8:45

    Wed, Nov 28  Grandparents & Goodies – Grandparents come in and shop  8:15-8:45

    Thurs, Nov 29   Family Night! 6:00-8:00pm

    Questions – email the PTA at greenptainfo@gmail.com

    Positivity Project Updates – new Traits!!

    Parents – we continue to work with our students to embrace the #otherpeoplematter mindset as they come to school and live in their communities each day.  We’ve seen great examples of students engaging in the character strengths that we’ve talked about so far.  As a reminder those character strengths are:

    Curiosity – people who are interested, inquiring, adventurous, like to explore

    Teamwork/Citizenship – people who are loyal, collaborative, inclusive, reliable

    Open-mindedness – people who will try new things, reasonable, rational, critical thinking, sensible

    Integrity – trustworthy, real, honest, sincere, do the right thing even when no one is watching

    New Traits ….

    Perspective – appreciation that others might see things differently and you try to see their point of view

    Creativity – having new or original ways of thinking or doing things

    Bravery – acting with mental, moral, & physical strength when things are difficult or challenging

    This week’s character strength of focus (and next week’s too) is GRATITUDE – which means being aware of and grateful for the good things that happen to you.   Please remember to ask your children about these characters strengths each week and discuss ways that they can show these strengths at home, in the community, and at school. 


    In this season of Thanksgiving, we encourage you to talk with your family about thankfulness for our community and our school. In doing so, we hope you will take the opportunity to remind your children of the following:

    Be thankful for …..

    • A beautiful school building - keep it clean by keeping hands off the walls and picking up our trash inside and outside.
    • A beautiful school building – throw paper towels INTO the trashcan and not beside it. If you see trash, be a good citizen and pick it up.
    • Beautiful school grounds – walk on the sidewalks and use the stairs – don’t trample up the hill and on top of the landscaping – it costs lots of money and people work hard to keep it looking great!
    • Amazing gifts of supplies and technology – be respectful of all school property and property that belongs to your peers. Keep TWO hands on technology and make SAFE, RESPONSIBLE choices.
    • Amazing school staff and bus drivers – they work hard to get you to school safely, feed you when you get here, and teach you the things you need to know to be amazing, successful adults one day!


    Our next Family Academy will be held on Nov 15, 2018.

    For those who registered, dinner will be served at 6:00 and classes begin at 6:30 pm.  Childcare is provided, and we will have interpreters upon request.  Please join us.

    CLOTHING – Lost and Found

    It’s that time of year when coats and hats come into the building. Please take a moment to mark the inside collars of coats, lunch boxes, and hats with your child’s name. This makes it much easier for us to return lost items to their appropriate owners.  LOST AND FOUND ITEMS will be taken to Goodwill or discarded on Tuesday, November 20 if not claimed. Thanks so much!


    Our bus drivers continue to report concerns about students moving around while buses are in motion.  It is imperative that you support our work with students by insisting with your child that she/he remain seated while the bus is moving and that all students remain in their assigned seats until they reach their assigned bus stop or school.  Bus rides are a privilege – we must respect our drivers and help them ensure a safe ride for students. Thanks for your support!


    ******Parents thanks for your help! We continue to ask you to support our work here at school in teaching students to “presume positive intent” when addressing issues with peers.  Simply, we are trying to teach students not to assume the worst about a person OR to make assumptions about them or their actions.  We thank you advance for your support reinforcing the important 4th and 5th Covey habits – Think Win-Win and Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood. 



    Breakfast:  You must arrive in the cafeteria by 9:10 to get served.  Students arriving on campus at the bell should go directly to the classroom so that instruction begins on time.

    November 15:  Parent Academy

    November 20:  EARLY RELEASE

    November 21-23:  HOLIDAY – NO SCHOOL

    November 26-30:  BOOK FAIR

    December 4:      Math Night  6:15pm