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    Club Description

    Art Club is a student learning organization that supports Apex Friendship Middle School’s vision, “Uncovering Brilliance by Growing Hearts and Minds,” through Visual Arts. Art Club nurtures relationships beyond the classroom between students and staff by hosting workshops that explore diverse media within Visual Arts. Tie-Dye and Clay workshops are two of the most popular activities hosted by Art Club. Art Club members will collaborate with the Performing Arts programs at AFMS.

    Advisor Name and Email (@wcpss.net)

    Janice Withers - jwithers                                                  


    Meeting Information

    Once a month on Tuesdays (expect for 12/18/19)

    Room 1420 in the Art Studio


    Club Dates

    9/17/19 - All Members

    10/1/19 - A-K       10/8/19 - L-Z

    10/15/19 A-K       10/29/19 L-Z

    11/5/19 - A-K       11/12/19 L-Z

    11/19/19 A-K       11/26/19 L-Z

    12/3/19 - A-K       12/10/19 L-Z

    12/18/19 - All Members


    Membership Information

    Anyone can join who has an interest in art


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