• The Trojan Way

    How we do things the right way for the right reasons for the right results.

    Student Standards:

    • Students will be PRINCIPLED by being on time to class and remain in class. On time means you are in the classroom before the bell rings.
    • Students will be THINKERS by having the appropriate materials for each class. For example: correct binder, homework, pencil, papers, instrument, pe/dance clothes, etc.
    • Students will be KNOWLEDGEABLE by follow directions from all staff members, the first time given.
    • Students will be INQUIRERS and RISK TAKERS  by asking questions to understand teaching, instructions, and assignments.
    • Students will show CARING by being considerate of the learning, feelings, and property of others.
    • Students will store their backpacks and purses in their lockers during the day. Students may carry a pouch. PE and dance bags are to be carried only to and from PE.
    • Students will be CARING by walking on the right side of the hallway and speaking in a Level 1 voice.

    Classroom Standards:

    • Teachers will teach Bell to Bell.
      • Teachers are expected to begin instruction at the bell utilizing a “Do Now”.
      • Teachers are expected to teach until the final bell. (Teachers will provide a structured close to the period to include packing materials and assessing student learning – exit ticket, assessment, discussion…).
      • Teachers will not permit students to line up at the door.
    • Teachers will post and review the following each period:
      • The Date, Learning Objective, Learner Trait,  and Global Context
    • Teachers will review the learning objective at the beginning and end of each period.
      • Teacher will begin each lesson with a review of the learning objective (what mastery looks like).
      • Teachers will close each lesson by addressing the learning objective for the day and assessing progress towards mastery (Exit Ticket, Fist to Five…).
    • Teachers will develop and post the following classroom routines/ plans by first day of school:
      • Expectations for materials needed daily for the classroom.
      • Routines, procedures, signals to guide movement, bathroom, etc.
      • Routines, procedures, signals to guide vocal participation (ask questions, work with peers, etc).
      • Routines, procedures, signals to guide how students access materials in the room.
      • Absorption plans
    • Teachers will submit a Substitute Folder, including absorption plans, seating charts and emergency plans to team leader/dept.chair and grade-level administrator within the first ten days of school and five days into a new quarter (electives).

    School-Wide Standards:

    • Staff will be on time, in place and have prepared lesson plans.
    • Bathroom procedures: Only one student is permitted to be out of the classroom at one time to use the bathroom/water.
      • Student must have a bathroom pass with the teachers name/room# on it.
      • Students will use the closest bathroom to their classroom.
      • Students will give their teacher their phone prior to leaving the room to use the bathroom.
      • All teachers will utilize a sign in/out sheet for student dismissal from class.
    • 10-10 Rule: Students are not to be excused from the classroom during the first or last ten minutes of the period
    • Discipline Hierarchy - All staff will implement the EGMMS Discipline Hierarchy.
    • PLTs will develop and administer common assessments at a minimum of every two weeks.
    • Parent communication - All Teams are expected to utilize the Remind app to send out weekly communication to parents regarding assignments, tests/quizzes and general information.

    Parent/Teacher Partnership Standards

    • Parents will ensure their students attend school and be on time.
    • Teachers will update grades in Powerschool as quickly as possible and at least every ten days.
    • Parents will monitor student agenda and homework completion.
    • Teachers will proactively communicate with parents with concerns.
    • Parents will contact teachers directly with questions or concerns prior to reaching out to administrators.
    • Teachers will return emails within two school days.  Parents will sign up for and monitor Parent Portal accounts.
    • Parents will sign and return interim and report cards.