School Goal

By June 2018, 100% of students will grow as collaborative, creative, critical thinkers and communicators and will demonstrate proficiency as growth in core standards as measured by multiple state, local, and school assessments. All subgroups will meet or exceed their AMO targets.


    School Improvement Team


    School Improvement Team Chairperson:

    Carol Corrody, ESL Teacher


    School Improvement Team Members:

    Kathy Livengood, Principal

    Asia Cunningham, Assistant Principal

    Jessica VonderHeide, K-2 IRT, Literacy Coach, & Intervention Teacher

    Jeff Bugajski, 3-5 IRT, AIG Teacher, & Intervention Teacher

    Erin Williams, 1st Grade Teacher

    Latiqua Dortch, 5th Grade Teacher

    Angela Carter, Special Education Teacher

    Jennifer Lee, School Counselor

    Laura Wills, School Psychologist

    Julia Hendricks, Media Coordinator


     The School Improvement Team meets monthly on the 2nd Friday of the month from 7:45-8:45 am. Members of the team are elected to serve by school staff.

  • Key Process 1: Teachers will create relevant, rigorous, and innovative learning environments in order for all students to reach their full potential.

  • Key Process 2: BCES staff will engage in professional learning to develop shared beliefs in order to increase achievement of all students

  • Key Process 3: PLTs will create common assessments that align with the 4-C's in order to accurately measure students' knowledge of all core curriculum standards.

  • Key Process 4: BCES staff will actively engage families in two-way communication to problem-solve and increase support of students' education.

  • Click HERE to see our School Improvement Plan in its entirety.