Brier Creek Staff Soars to Success!


    High Flyer Award


    About the High Flyer Award

    Each month, a BCES staff member is named as the High Flyer of the month for going above and beyond the call of duty. The winner is chosen by the previous honoree and identified at a staff meeting with a speech highlighting the reasons that person is deserving of the honor. There is a High Flyer desk trophy that is passed from winner to winner and each honoree is presented with a certificate. At the end of the year, all of the year's winners are given a pin to add to their lanyard. This beloved Brier Creek tradition is an honor in which EVERY staff member is eligible. 


    2019-2020 High Flyers

    Monique McDonald, Instructional Assistant

    Christina Gordon, 2nd Grade Teacher

    Erin Williams, 1st Grade Teacher

    Jeff Maynard, 1st Grade Teacher

    Melodie Hunsberger, 5th Grade Teacher

    Jennifer Lee, School Counselor

    Ryan Bell, Assistant Principal


    2018-2019 High Flyers

    Mary-Elizabeth Robinson, 5th Grade Teacher

    Melissa Gough, Instructional Facilitator and AIG Teacher

    Jade Shields, 4th Grade Teacher

    Ciara Cooke, Lead Secretary

    Alissa Stafanow, EBS II Teacher

    Amanda Huber, Instructional Assistant/Technology Contact

    Kayla Cummings, 2nd Grade Teacher

    Patricia Oesch, Instructional Assistant for Special Education and Pre-Kindergarten

    Julie Piltzer, Instructional Assistant, Steps to Success Instructor

    Jessica VonDerHeide, Instructional Facilitator and Literacy Coach

    2018-2019 High Flyer Award Winners

    2017-2018 High Flyers

    Sheronda Smith, 2nd Grade Teacher

    Ashley Baldwin, Music Teacher

    Gina Miller, PE Teacher

    Asia Cunningham, Assistant Principal

    Sarah Riley, 3rd Grade Teacher

    Maggie Carlisi, 4th Grade Teacher

    Jeff Bugajski, Instructional Resource Teacher

    Angie Carter, Special Education Teacher 

    2017-2018 High Flyer Honorees


  • National Board Certified Teachers

    Brier Creek is the proud home of 9 National Board Certified Teachers! Earning National Board Certification is an honor for teachers, and is a result of years of hard work, crucial reflections, and intense study. Our National Board Certified Teachers are:

    • Kara Damico, 3rd Grade
    • Aubrey DiOrio, 1st Grade
    • Christina Gordon, 2nd Grade
    • Melissa Gough, IF/AIG/Intervention
    • Althea Hrbek, Exceptional Children
    • Summer Ibrahim, 3rd Grade
    • Mary-Elizabeth Robinson, 5th Grade
    • Randi Woodruff, 4th Grade
    • Jessica VonDerHeide, IF/Intervention/Literacy Coach



  •  Melanie Osorio

    2019-2020 Teacher of the Year

    Ms. Osorio is a 2nd grade teacher, leader, and friend.