• MVP Updates

    We have created an invaluable new resource for your child to ensure that he or she is successful in Math 1!

    The NC Math 1 Student Support Site is designed for you to help your child stay on track while offering you resources to help him or her with homework. 

    For each Math 1 Unit the site includes: 

    · A link to each task that your child works on in class; 

    · A link to the “Ready, Set, Go! Homework” assignments that your child works on each evening; 

    · A video to assist your child in completing the homework assignment appropriately, in a way that ensures he or she understands the work. We encourage you to watch these videos with your child to stay on top of what they are learning and offer assistance if needed.

    The “Ready, Set, Go!” homework assignments have been correlated to the daily classroom experience.  The homework is organized into three parts:   

    · The “Ready” section helps the student get ready for the upcoming work and prepare to learn new material.  

    · The “Set” section is for practicing the skills that are being developed in the current lessons.  As students practice, the new mathematical skills become more set or fluent.  

    · The last section of homework, called “Go!”, is to help students remember the skills and procedures that they have learned previously.  As students mature mathematically, there are many math problems they should be able to do whenever they encounter them.

    We encourage you to take advantage of the NC Math 1 Student Support Site via your student’s login to our Canvas website. Once you have logged in to Canvas, click on the tile that says "NC Math 1 Student Support Site" to access the support resources.