• Broughton Alma Mater

    Alma Mater, we salute thee,

    Bounteous giver, hear our praise;

    For within thy walls we've garnered

    Gifts enriching all our days. 

    Opportunity for friendships, 

    Guidance in our quest for truth, 

    Faith through all our brave endeavors, 

    Understanding, Love...of Youth. 

    These, thy gifts, O! Alma Mater, 

    We shall cherish through the days, 

    Striving still, through grave endeavor

    Thus to render thee our praise. 

    Words by Mrs. Annie S. Lawrence

    Music by Harry Watson Moore, Class of 1935

    First performed at Class Day Exercises

    May 13, 1935


    School Colors

    Purple and Gold



    Fight Song

    Go Broughton High School

    Broughton must win

    Fight to the finish

    Never give in.

    You do your best, team

    We'll do the rest, team

    Onward to victory.