AP Accommodations Information

  • The College Board (CB) is the testing body that administers the PSAT, the SAT and AP Exams.  If your child is planning to enter a 4-year college upon graduation from high school and/or is taking AP courses (or plans to next year) – he or she will likely encounter a CB administered test over the next couple of years.  This is NOT the case for all students!

    Accommodations provided for CB testing are NOT automatically provided for students with IEPs or 504 plans at the school level. The accommodations they are concerned with are test-situation accommodations.  You must apply with CB and then their team of reviewers decides whether or not accommodations on CB testing are awarded. You are being informed about this process for several reasons – (1) CB requires certain testing, documentation, etc. to be submitted and if your child needs any additional testing to satisfy CB’s requirements – you must seek that testing privately – Wake County is not able to provide CB required testing; (2) CB’s review process is very lengthy – they say allow 7 weeks for review – but I would consider that an underestimate. 

    If you foresee College Board testing as a part of your child’s high school future and you wish to pursue accommodations at this time, please visit CB’s website http://professionals.collegeboard.com/testing/ssd/application/disabilities/physical to research what is required on behalf of your child.  My role as Testing Coordinator is that I can complete the Eligibility Form and submit all the documentation on your behalf (once you have gathered it all together).  It is the responsibility of the parent to submit all necessary documentation.  Again, Wake County Schools does NOT provide testing solely on CB accommodation.