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    Career Fair 2022

    Where can you find a snake, a golfer, a traffic light, some cookies, a park ranger, and a basket of Chic-Fil-A cows? In Reedy Creek's gym during Career Fair, of course! This month, RCMMS 8th graders spent a day learning about many different careers, directly from members of the workforce in our community. Let’s decompose this to find out more of what made up this awesome event. Participating organizations and job titles included: 


    CaraGreen: Healthy Building Materials


    Civil Engineer

    Construction Law

    Dental Assistants, Drs. Barker, Rohner, & Hunt DMD

    Deutsche Bank

    Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
    Epic Games

    First Tee Golf

    The Kupkake Fairy

    NC Bar Association


    NC Parks

    NC Snake Catcher

    NCSU Civil Engineering

    NCSU Wilson College of Textiles


    Lane Dentistry

    Research Triangle Park Foundation

    Saint Augustine's University

    SAS Technical Writer
    State Employees Credit Union

    Translation Link

    WCPSS Social Worker


    Career Fair 2022


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