CAREER EXPLORATION - What Online Help Can I Use to Find a Job, Pick a Career?

    A. You can take a "scientific" approach and take an assessment! There are tests of interests and tests of personality type.

    •  CAREER CLUSTERS - is a test of interest.  Here is another one: Career Cluster Assessment You like science - so you are going to look at careers in the Clusters of STEM, or Engineering.
    •  RIASEC INVENTORY -  is a test of personality type. You like to express yourself artisticly (A) and  are very social (S)- so you are going to look for careers that allow you to express yourself artistically but not in isolation. Maybe you look for jobs in teaching art, or working at an art museum, or working in advertising and marketing. You can also take these assessments in Espanol.
    • You can look at careers in combination - Interest by cluster!

    B.  You can also look for a job by browsing some English interesting lists and some Spanish interesting lists: Fastest Growing Jobs, Green Jobs, Highest Paying Jobs.....endless number of lists. Or, you can browse by Cluster. These lists are in Espanol too and you can browse by Cluster in Espanol.

    C. You can look by just looking - doing a search for a job you heard about Exploring.  You can explore in Espanol too.

    D. The two biggest job exploration and search databases are O'Net and Career One Stop.  O'Net has a separate site in Espanol, Mi Proximo Paso.  Career Onestop offers a version in Espanol by selecting your language at the top of every page

    E. O'net also has information on Military careers and links to the Military Websites

     F. You can find REAL jobs at https://www.Indeed.com when you do a search.

    You have several activities to try in learning about finding a job.

    1. Activity One: Finding your cluster. Choose one of the Cluster Assessments listed above (section A) and when you find your cluster - go to the paper chart set up in your lab and add a dot beside your cluster. Neither of these cluster assessments are in Spanish. Alternately, you can  look at the descriptions of the Clusters  HERE and pick a cluster by reading about it instead of taking an assessment. Still enter your cluster on the lab chart.  Also, enter your Cluster on your worksheet.

    2. Activity Two: Find your personality type. Do one of the short RAISEC assessments listed above (section A) in either English or Spanish.  Then take a look at some of the linked careers when you get your results.  Notice that you can tweak your job search by selecting how much education you want to have to qualify for a particular job. Enter your top 3 traits in the column ( R=Realistic, A=Artistic, I-Investigative, S=Social, E=Enterprising, and C=Conventional.So a three letter code might be something like: RIE or ASE)

    3. Activity Three: Look at some of the lists in Section B above.  Which list did you find most interesting? Why?

    4. Activity Four: Do a free-style exploration for a job you might have seen either in your Cluster or RIASEC results or just one you thought would be interesting.  Use the links in section C above. What was the job and list one thing you learned about the job - did you get current salary, job growth information ----

    5. Activity Five: Which looks best to you:O'Net or Career OneStop?  Use the links in section D to take a look around at each site.  Which looks more inviting and why?  

    6.Activity Six: Finding Military Careers.  Very few sites have information about Military Careers. Take a look at the TAB for becoming a member of the military. List two qualifications for becoming an officer in the military. 

    7. Activity Seven: I went to Indeed.com and searched in our state for a job. Name the job and a specific company where the job was listed.Try to look for a job that matches one of your previous searches or your cluster.

    8. Activity Eight:  Which of the career exploration methods that you tried did you like best or you think would prove most useful and why.


    What's My Cluster?



    One job in this cluster that looks interesting is:


    What's My RIASEC CODE?



    One job that matches my RIASEC CODE is?


    I looked at the following list of jobs:


    I found one job that looked interesting because?  List the job and the reason for interest.



    I did a search for this job:


    I found this fact interesting about the job:



    I looked at the differences between O'Net and Career OneStop.  I liked this one better:


    I liked it better because:



    I have looked at the qualifications for becoming a military officer. Two interesting facts are:



    I did a search on Indeed.com for this job:


    I found one at this company: 



    At this time, I found this search option best for me: