• Bus Procedures and Conduct Expectations

    Bus Riders will load and unload each day in the new bus loop located beside the main entrance.  All students who ride the bus to and from school or on field trips are expected to follow the expectations outlined below in order to maintain safety on the bus. The bus driver has complete authority and responsibility for operating the bus and maintaining good conduct. The bus driver will report any misconduct or safety violated to the school administration.  All bus discipline reports will be investigated and handled in accordance with WCPSS Discipline procedures by our assistant principal, Nancy Ballard.

    Students who continue to display unsafe behavior on the bus can have their bus riding privileges suspended or revoked.  Students who lose bus privileges are still responsible for regular school attendance and school work. All students at Rolesville Elementary School are expected to:

    • Listen and follow the driver’s directions.
    • Enter the bus in an orderly and quiet manner.
    • Sit in assigned seats without being reminded.
    • Stay seated and facing front at all times.
    • Keep hands, arms, heads or any other objects in the bus at all times.
    • Sit with feet on the floor and bookbag and hands in lap.
    • Keep any food or drink your bookbag or lunch box. (Food and drink are not allowed on the bus)
    • Show RES (Respect/Effort/Self-Control) to the driver and other students at all times.
    • Ride only the bus they are assigned. (Please note that students are only allowed to get on and off at their assigned stop so they will not be allowed to go home with friends-even friends that ride the same bus.)