• Specially Designed Instruction

    To the maximum extent appropriate, children with disabilities, including children in public or other educational facilities, are to be educated with children who are not disabled. In addition, to the maximum extent appropriate, children with disabilities are to participate with non-disabled peers in both non-academic and extracurricular activities. Unless the individualized education program for the child with disabilities requires some other arrangement, the child is to be educated in the school that they would attend if they were not disabled. Special class, separate schools or removal of children requiring special education from the regular educational environment shall occur only when the needs of a child are such that education in the regular classes cannot be accomplished satisfactorily.

    About 90% of students with disabilities are served by special education services in the school to which they are assigned by the Office of Student Assignment. These are known as base programs. Wake County also has service delivery/program options for children whose IEP requires more specialized service. About 10% of students require these regional programs.


    Programs at Rolesville Elementary

    Pre-K Program

    • Michelle Hill, Teacher
    • Pam Swanepoel, Instructional Assistant
    • Rochelle DeSpain , Instructional Assistant
    • Beth Horton, Teacher
    • Kristen Tyson, Instructional Assistant


    • Katresse Credle, Teacher
    • Amanda Mezzatesta, Teacher

    CCK Program

    • Jill Wichern, Teacher
    • Giovanni Buccellato, Instructional Assistant
    • Courtney Baines, Instructional Assistant

    Exceptional Children Program-Extended Content Support

    •  Kristen Meile, Teacher
    • Alisha Bohley, Instructional Assistant
    • Diane Grimaldi, Instructional Assistant
    • Cynthia Davis, Instructional Assistant