• PBIS  - Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports


    Swift Creek began the PBIS program in 2006. Every year since, through 2014, Swift Creek has been recognized as an exemplar school.


    Our PBIS expectations are outlined using an acronym ROAR. ROAR stands for:


    O-n the path to success

    A-ct responsibly

    R-emember self control


    At the beginning of the year, teachers guide students through lessons that explain and model our expectations for student behavior and habits we want to see around our school. As part of the relationship and community building process, our students learn about and practice the expectations for behavior in the cafeteria, hallways, bathrooms, gym, playground, during assemblies and on the bus.


    In addition, every morning, after the pledge of allegiance, we recite our ROAR expectations. For demonstrating these behaviors, students may earn rewards and recognitions for modeling ROAR behavior. 


    To learn more about PBIS, click here.