• Volunteers


    Volunteers are a cornerstone of our students’ success in school. Volunteers are used in the classroom at the request of the teacher, doing what the teacher needs them to do for the benefit of students in the classroom. If your teacher does not utilize parent volunteers, there are other areas of the school where your services will be used and appreciated. You may also volunteer through the SCES PTA. We have developed some guidelines for volunteers to follow when working in the classrooms. We will be asking all volunteers to sign a form that they have received the guidelines and will adhere to these for the well-being of all children. All volunteers must register/re-register before October 31, 2016 in order to volunteer in schools or chaperone field trips. Registration can be done online (click here) from any WCPSS school. After October 31st, you can only fill out the form on Mondays. You need you driver’s license in order to register.