• History of Swift Creek – Adapted from The History of Swift Creek Elementary School


    Swift Creek Elementary School is located in southwest Raleigh at 5601 Tryon Road.  Swift Creek School was in operation as Enterprise School in 1929, before the state took over the operation of the public school in 1932.


    John Stephens (Stevens) was the Chairman of the School Board for the Enterprise School District and was the Justice of the Peace and Sheriff in Swift Creek Township. Swift Creek School was formed from the consolidation of four schools in the area: Enterprise, on Yates Mill Road; Fairview, located where Fairview Club House now stands; Oak Hill, located near Piney Plains Church and J.Y. Joyner, located on Highway 401 South of Raleigh.


    In 1930 maps were drawn showing the boundaries of the school district. The referendum for consolidation of the four schools in the Swift Creek District was held on June 24, 1930 along with a tax referendum for the school. It passed due in large part to John Stephens (Stevens), along with John Lockhart (Wake County School Superintendent), the Board of Education and the Wake County Commissioners.


    Swift Creek opened in 1932 with a parade. The flag was carried by Howard Horton and Dorothy Jones who later married and as recently as 2014, resided in the community.


    A gym was added in 1956 and is still used today.  At the same time, seven acres of land was purchased from Mr. Clifford Elledge and the playground was built on the property.


    During the 1960’s, the school changed from being a first through seventh grade school to a first through sixth grade school. In the mid-1980’s the sixth grade was dropped and Swift Creek is currently a K-5 school serving approximately 500 students.


    In 1958 another classroom building was added. The last building was added in 1972. This building was added with larger spacious open classrooms and currently houses our Kindergarten classrooms.


    In 1972, the first Student Council was born and the motto was selected – “Work Together to be Better.” The cougar was adopted as the mascot along with the colors blue and gold.


    At the end of the 1990-1991 school year, Swift Creek was closed for one year and moved to a new school while the old buildings were torn down. The new structure houses students in grades 1-5.  When the student body returned for the 1992-1993 school year, there were 600 students enrolled.


    Swift Creek Elementary School has a long and proud history in the Swift Creek community.  We enjoy a lot of local support from the surrounding community. Thanks for joining us as we work to make Swift Creek Elementary School the number one choice for base students and families.


    Special thanks to Mr. William Walton Stevens, who researched, compiled  and wrote The History of Swift Creek Elementary School in 1991. There is a book in the main office that was presented to the Swift Creek Elementary School in 2014 by Babs Gallion, Kindergarten and Literacy Teacher from 1988-2014. 2014 Updates and Graphics by Rebecca Gallion Jetton, student from 1990-1992 with special thanks to Bette Anne Stephenson and Linda Kmec.