•   Welcome to Fourth Grade

     Welcome to the Herbert Akins Fourth Grade Team page! We might be a bit biased, but we feel fourth graders are the best kids in the building! Our team is composed of a wonderful group of teachers that are all very passionate about teaching and developing our students’ worth ethic. When you walk down the fourth grade hallway, you will see our students working diligently in their classrooms. They are also well known for being super respectful in the hallways. Fourth grade is a pivotal year for students’ success and we look forward to be being part of your child’s journey.

    Economy System

         One of the best parts of fourth grade is our grade level Economy System. Each teacher has their own “class money” that they use as incentives for homework being turned in on time, classroom assignment completion, and meeting behavioral expectations. Students are also allowed to open a business during recess on Fridays to earn extra money. Students enjoy spending their classroom cash during Market Friday. In addition, we hold quarterly auctions to allow students to use their class cash.

    Living Museum

         During second quarter, fourth grade does a Living Museum project where students research a historical figure, write a report, memorize a speech, and dress up and present as their character. Parents will be invited to come in and walk through the museum listening to the different speeches.

    Old Salem

         Each spring we take a field trip to Old Salem Museum and Gardens where students are able to travel back in time to a Moravian village. They learn about various trades such as shoe making, blacksmithing, and pottery creation from actors dressed in time period costumes. This trip is a fun experience for students and parents and we hope you will join us a parent chaperone.