Kindergarten News

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Weclome to Kindergarten!

  •      The Kindergarten Team at Herbert Akins strives to create the perfect balance between play and rigor in our classrooms, where your child will learn many things in a fun, nurturing learning environment!

    • In Kindergarten your child will learn letters & sounds, over 75 sight words, how to blend & segment words, and how to read!
    • They will learn to write narrative, informational, and opinion pieces.
    • In Math, students will count to 100, name & describe shapes, and add & subtract within 10.
    • Our Science curriculum explores properties, weather, and animals.
    • Social Studies topics include citizenship, change over time, and maps.
    • Students are also learning the rules of school, problem solving, and compassion for others.

         Special events include a Letterland parade, three field trips, and celebrating the 100th day of school!

         Parents can help by reading with children every day, and asking comprehension questions about the book. Reviewing letters, sounds, sight words, and numbers frequently will also help children succeed in Kindergarten.