• We at Sycamore Creek care deeply for the educational success of our students. We care even more for the safety of our students while coming to school, during school, and departing from school. 

    You must live within walking distance of the school and walk home to be a Sycamore Creek walker.  Parents may not pick up walkers in vehicles.  If you are going to pick up your child in a vehicle you MUST use the carpool line.

    Leesville Road is a high traffic road with lots of construction taking place. As a result, we are requiring parents or a designated adult to meet and walk their child/ren home each afternoon from school.  Parents will need to meet their child/ren at the walker’s crosswalk and sign-out each child with the staff member on duty. 

    Click here to find the form which must be completed and submitted to the front office in order for your child to walk home from school. Please list your name and any other responsible adult(s) who is allowed to walk your child/ren from school.  For those parents who feel their child/ren are old enough and responsible enough to walk home alone, you may mark the appropriate box on the attached form which will waiver the school being responsible for any mishap during your child’s walk from school. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Minda Griffin, our Assistant Principal. Thank you so much for your support and cooperation as we make every Sycamore Creek Croc's day a safe day!