• Carpool tends to be very busy both in the morning and afternoon. Please follow the procedures below for a safe and effective Crocodile Carpool experience.

    Morning Procedures

    If you are going to drop your child off in the morning, we begin carpool at 8:00 a..m. and end at 8:30 a.m. If your child is not in the building by 8:30 but in the carpool route, they still may be counted tardy and you will be asked to go to the office and sign them in. Students are allowed to exit the car from the right side ONLY. This will ensure their safety. We also ask that adults remain in their vehicles; staff members will be on duty to assist students as necessary. As you approach the drop off zone, please be sure that the student is ready to unload. Doors should be unlocked, books, games, and breakfast should be put away, and all animals must be secured. If you bring your child to school please be sure to utilize the carpool lane. For safety as well as to protect the instructional day, students are expected to walk in the building alone. A staff member is available to escort students as necessary.


    Afternoon Procedures

    If your child will be in carpool at any time during the year, we will provide you with two carpool tags. The purpose of a carpool tag is to match up the right child with the right car. Carpool tags also make the afternoon carpool experience a quicker one. Students are allowed to enter cars from the right side only and we ask that adults remain in their vehicles. To pick up your child for dismissal, you must utilize the carpool lane. For safety as well as to protect the instructional day no students will be called from the classroom for dismissal after 2:30 p.m.

    Keeping your children safe is important to us at Sycamore Creek Elementary!