• 7 Ways to Use Media and Tech to Raise Bilingual Kids

    Posted by Barbara Vinal on 10/7/2015 7:00:00 AM

    7 Ways to Use Media and Tech to Raise Bilingual Kids

    From watching Spanish TV shows to downloading bilingual apps, these ideas ease the sometimes challenging task of raising your kids to speak two languages. http://bit.ly/1FRqjAW
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  • School Tours Begin This Week

    Posted by Barbara Vinal on 10/6/2015 7:10:00 AM

    This week we will begin school tours of Jeffreys Grove for prospective Kingergarten students in our SPLASH! Spanish Immersion program. If you would like to tour our school and see the Spanish Immersion program in action, please sign up on our School Tour page.

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  • ¡Bienvenidos! and Welcome

    Posted by Barbara Vinal on 8/24/2015

    Mrs. Barbara Vinal, Magnet Coordinator Welcome to the JG Magnet Elementary Spanish Language Immersion program (SPLASH!) As a new Magnet Coordinator, and a native English speaker, I am expanding my vocabulary. My goal is to be able to converse with the students in the SPLASH! program (Spanish Language Immersion) comfortably by the end of the year. 
    Learning a language is not as easy for someone of my age. I grew up in an all English speaking area in Massachusetts, and took five years of French. I admit, sometimes I mix up my languages and don't do any of them well - including English! But, conversing - talking - in another language helps to stimulate a person's brain. The research shows that students that are immersed in a language at a young age do better on standardized tests in their native language than their single language peers. 
    I have asked our very patient VIF teachers (International Education - for more info: http://www.vifprogram.com/cultural-exchange-teachers.php) to speak to me in Spanish whenever possible.
    Does it challenge me? Yes! Is it exciting? Yes! Many times I don't understand but a single word. Yet, they very patiently repeat it again in Spanish - several times if necessary. I can't do it well...YET!
    How very fortunate our school is to have multi-cultural, multi-lingual, globally aware students throughout our school!
    Take a tour. Sit in on a class - even if you don't understand a word! - and enjoy all that Spanish Immersion has to offer.  Look for tour schedules to start soon. 
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