• WECHS students have the opportunity to graduate in five years with a high school diploma and an Associates of Arts (AA), Associates of Science (AS), Associates of Applied Science (AAS), transferrable diploma in science or arts, or a health science certificate. College credits completed while enrolled in the school are tuition-free and are transferable to one of North Carolina’s sixteen public universities. The school’s small size provides one of the most individualized environments available to Wake County students.

    WECHS students complete the majority of their high school courses during their first two years in the program. The remaining three years are dedicated to students earning college credits in pursuit of associates degrees. Some college credits serve as dual enrollment credits toward a high school diploma. Students receive advisement about their course of study from both WECHS counselors and Wake Tech academic advisors. This experience provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to advance to a four-year degree program or to enter the health science profession.


    WECHS students must complete the following courses in the College/University Course of Study to obtain a high school diploma through the Wake County Public School System (WCPSS). All courses are offered at the honors level when available.
    Total           Units
    English 4 units English I Honors, English II Honors, English III Honors, English IV Honors, or equivalent college course(s)
    Math 4 units  Math I, Math II Honors, Math III Honors, and Precalculus Honors
    Science 3 units Earth Science Honors, Biology Honors, Chemistry Honors
    Social Studies 4 units Civics Honors, US History Honors (or equivalent college sequence of HIS 131 and HIS 132), World History Honors, and Economics and Personal Finance
    Foreign Language 2 units Spanish I and Spanish II or equivalent college Spanish courses
    College Health 1 unit College Health HEA 110
    Electives 6 units Additional electives at the high school or college level


     High School Credits 
     Dual Enrollment Credits*
    English I Honors, English II Honors, English III Honors, English IV College English ENG 111, College English ENG 112, and College English ENG 232 equate to English III, and College ENG 242 equates to English IV
    Math I, Math II Honors, Math III Honors, Precalculus Honors N/A
    Earth Science Honors, Biology Honors, Chemistry Honors  N/A
    Civics Honors, World History Honors, US History Honors, Economics and Personal Finance
    College History HIS 131 and HIS 132 = US History requirement
    Health Education requirement is met by college course College Health HEA 110
    Spanish I, Spanish II College Spanish SPA 111 and College Spanish SPA 112 = Spanish I and Spanish II
    Electives Various courses available to WECHS students

    ** WECHS Health Science Seminar is required each semester a student is enrolled in only college courses on the Northern Campus. The course incorporates three areas of focus: developing academic skills for college success, projects on health science topics (PBL), and a STEM environment.
    ***WECHS Academic Assistance serves to provide academic support and to monitor progress for students who pursue a Wake Tech degree or diploma. No credit is awarded for Academic Assistance.
    See waketech.edu for complete course descriptions. 
    See the SAMPLE 5-year Plan here: Sample 5-year plan