• One of our major goals at MCHS is to increase student engagement through the use of the Engineering Design Cycle (EDC) across all curricular areas.   In an effort to enhance student understanding of how the EDC is applied in the workplace, it is the goal of MCHS to connect students to the people and resources of our local businesses.  We want students to appreciate why they are doing what they are doing in the classroom and for them to understand the skills companies are looking for in their employees. 

    We are currently in the process of organizing several events for our school and community. We hope to host a Leadership Symposium that will unite community leaders with our school and nurture those skills that empower and drive success. A planned STEM Career Fair will allow a forum for both higher education institutions and local employers to promote the many great options that await our future graduates, and a STEM Showcase, designed as an evening to celebrate the work and accomplishments of our student body and the impact STEM has in both the Arts and Academics. 

    If you represent a local business that would be interested in participating, or are aware of any business that would be interested in getting involved, please contact the school.  We are looking for businesses that utilize Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, creativity, collaboration or problem solving.