• 2020-21 Meal prices





    Breakfast Paid

    $ 1.25

    $ 1.50

    $ 1.50

    Lunch Paid

    $ 2.75

    $ 3.00

    $ 3.00

     Wake County Board of Education Policy 6221: Meal Charges 

    *We expect reduced-price eligible students will continue to receive their breakfast at no cost. This is only possible if the State continues to fund the $.30 students would otherwise pay.


    Weekly low balance alerts

    Child Nutrition Services alerts elementary and middle school parents who have low balances on their child’s school meals account to add money to the account. Alerts are sent on Wednesday in the afternoon. Families may opt out of this service by calling CNS at 919-856-2918 or completing the form on our “Contact Us” page to submit a request.


    Receive alerts when your student needs funds to make purchases 

    My School Bucks
    • Sign up is secure, easy and no-cost.
    • View your student's purchases and account balance at any time.
    • Using this feature does not require on-line payments.
    • Set up notifications are at no cost to you. You'll receive an email that informs you when additional funds will be required to ensure your student has funds for meal or other item purchases.


    Managing your student's account

    • Talk to your school dining room manager if you would like to receive a record of your student's purchases or you would like to add purchasing restrictions for your students (such as "may purchase lunch only," or "may purchase snacks on Fridays only," etc.).
    • We use CHECKredi as our check service provider. Your check should include your full name, street address and phone number. By presenting your check, you authorize service charges and processing fees to be debited from your account. If you have questions about a returned check, contact CHECKredi at (800) 686-9522.
    • To transfer funds between students attending the same school, contact the Dining Room Manager.
    • To donate your students account balance to help other students that do not have sufficient funds in their account available for their meal OR to transfer funds between students attending different schools, complete this form.
    • To request a refund, complete this refund form. Complete this refund form in Spanish. Please allow up to 6 weeks for your refunds to be processed. If you use the auto-replenishment feature on MySchoolBucks.com, immediately deactivate it to prevent additional withdrawals from your bank account. 


    Questions about AutoPayments

    For questions about AutoPayments, contact Child Nutrition Services at 919-856-2918.


Purchase Meals Online

  • With a MySchool Bucks account paying for school meals is easy. Go to www.MySchoolBucks.com or call (855) 832-5226 to enroll. You'll need your child's NCWISE ID number, available in your registration materials or at your school. Once your account is established you may:

    • Securely deposit funds to your child's account
    • Check balances
    • Set spending limits