• Celebrating Positive Behavior

    “Bee Your Best”

    Positive Office Referrals (POR) are given to students who consistently follow our school-wide expectations. Any staff member can recognize any student at any time. Students who earn a POR will be given a two part raffle ticket. The right side of the ticket will be sent home with the child. The student will take the left side of the ticket to the office to put in “The Hive.” On Friday afternoons, winning students will take their belongings to the office, where they will have their picture taken for the “Bee Your Best” bulletin board. Students are given a note to take home and share with their parents. On the fifth referral, a positive phone call is made to the student’s parents from an administrator.

    Rock Star Staff Award

    All staff members can recognize any other staff members with a “Rock Star” award at any time. Staff members are recognized for demonstrating Smith’s school-wide expectations or IB attitudes. Awards are given out at staff meetings.