• All students participate in Girls’ Leadership Class (GLC), our advisor-advisee program. During GLC, students develop leadership skills on a personal, community, national, global, advocacy, and mentorship continuum. This unique, customized leadership program engages girls in exercises and activities that allow them to develop their personal leadership style while focusing skills such as

    • Communication and Non-Fiction Literacy Proficiency
    • Empathy Development
    • Current Events and Controversial Issues
    • Advocacy/Activism
    • Social Responsibility and Global Awareness

    The Girls’ Leadership Class will also cover issues pertinent to adolescent/teenage girls. Students will critically analyze current events involving women in leadership and devote time to completing quarterly projects. Units of study are arranged by themes and in accordance with the needs of each grade level. Girls are expected to fully engage in each class to benefit from the program.

    Check out our GLC Blog to learn more about our leadership activities. GLC BLOG