Assessments Overview

  • Students take different types of assessments throughout each school year. Some assessments are required by federal, state, and local governments. The information gathered from these assessments serves many purposes. such as supporting educators in measuring student progress toward curricula standards, skills, or performance benchmarks, monitoring programs that impact students' learning, and identifying students who need additional academic support. Find more information about required state assessments here.

    The following is a list of assessments that are administered by grade level. Detailed information about each of these assessments can be accessed in the assessment glossary. Contact our Testing Coordinator with questions about assessments.

    Elementary School Assessments

    Grades K-2 

    • NC Early Learning Inventory (NC ELI) (Kindergarten only)
    • mCLASS
    • Number Knowledge Test (NKT)
    • NCDPI End of Year Summative Math Assessment


    Grades 3-5

    • mCLASS (Grade 3)
    • STAR Math
    • NCDPI Math and Reading Check-Ins
    • NCDPI Science Check-Ins (Grade 5 only)
    • NCDPI End of Grade Math Test
    • NCDPI End of Grade Reading Test
    • NCDPI Beginning of Grade 3 Reading Test (Grade 3 only)
    • NCDPI End of Grade Science Test (Grade 5 only)
  • Assessments at Fuller are managed by our amazing Testing Coordinator:

    Kenyann Stanford

    Dr. Stanford