• School officials will follow WCPSS Health Guidelines to determine if a student is required to isolate. If you are not feeling well, you are required to stay home and notify bhs-attendance@wcpss.net of your absence. During a required isolation, your absences will be recorded as excused absences for illness. 

    If you are required to isolate, below are the measures in place that will support you as you continue your coursework:

    • You can connect with your counselor for support by setting up a meeting with them here
    • You should complete the coursework provided for you by your teachers in their Google Classroom or Canvas site. 
    • You can attend an office hour with your teacher, which is offered once per week:
      • Some teachers will offer this office hour during their regularly scheduled weekly office hours by hosting a Google Meet; 
      • Other teachers may choose to schedule this individually with you. Please reach out to your teacher to schedule this time.