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The Sunday Kickoff Message for 06/06/21

Baucom Parents & Guardians,


This is Principal Saunders with the final Sunday Kickoff Message of the school year!


PTA’s Accomplishments this Spring


First up tonight, our PTA President, Christina Owen, has put together a short video clip that details all the support that PTA provided Baucom this Spring. Please take a moment to enjoy the video; it’s linked in the emailed message. As principal, and on behalf of our Flight Crew, we say a very sincere THANK YOU to PTA, to our volunteers, and to all of you who helped all of us on staff make it through this difficult year. We couldn’t have done it without your love, support, and partnership.


Returning of Items Used at Home During Virtual Learning


Next, with regards to returning school materials that are at home to Baucom, we need you to take some time to gather these materials together.  These items can be sent in via your Plan A student or dropped off during school hours if your Aviator was Virtual Academy. Report cards for students with EL workbooks or hotspots still at home at the end of the week will be held in the office until these expensive items are returned. You’ll know if you were given a wifi hotspot and your Aviator will know what their EL workbook looks like. We appreciate your understanding.


5th Grade Moving Up Ceremony this Wednesday, June 9th


Next, 5th grade parents – we of course have the Moving Up ceremony for your Aviator this Wednesday and we’re super excited about it. As excited as we are, it wouldn’t be 2021 without several safety and health precautions that you need to be familiar with before coming onto campus.  All the details are linked in the emailed message. Just to name a few, masks are required of everyone indoors, stay at home and view the YouTube livestream if you’re not feeling well, and remember to bring the entry ticket for the two people allowed into the event. Again though, we need each of you to check out all the guidelines in the link provided:

One more important note, 5th grade parents – I will email you the link to the YouTube livestream tomorrow. It is ONLY to be shared with family members planning to view the event. Please do not post or share it in any way.


Final Notes

Lastly, I have some final notes, besides the two in the Previews & Reviews section below.

-First, students will be bringing home stuff from their classroom beginning tomorrow. This is especially important for 5th graders who do not plan to return to class following their ceremony Wednesday.

-The last day of school is this Thursday, June 10th.

-Many Aviators will be participating with the Summer Learning Camp this year. We’re so glad they are a part of it and we hope they enjoy it when it starts on Monday, June 21st.

-I’ll be in communication this Summer regarding Rising 1st grade to 5th grade Meet the Teacher that’s tentatively scheduled for the morning of Friday, August 20th. Class rosters will be posted at the school the night before, on Thursday, August 19th. The first day of school for rising 1st to 5th graders is Monday, August 23rd.  Incoming Kindergarten students will do a staggered start to their school year and have a separate Meet the Teacher event the following Friday, August 30th.  

Until then, we thank you all and wish you the very best Summer!



Previews & Reviews

5th grade families preparing for the team-based Moving Up ceremonies this Wednesday – if any of you do not plan to use two tickets, PLEASE return the unused ticket(s) to Ms. Headlee in the main office as we can absolutely find a family in need.

Strawbridge accidentally sent us additional yearbooks this year, so we do still have some available at the front office. They’re just $15 and if you write a check, please make it out to Baucom PTA.