• 2020-21 Attendance Policy


    It is our expectation that students will attend class sessions during the designated times indicated on the remote learning schedule. When this is not possible, the student should review the work posted online and reach out to the teacher(s) to clarify instruction and activities. It is recommended that if a student cannot attend class at the designated time, they should attend Office Hours later that day. It is the expectation that students attend and participate for the entire learning period. If a student cannot attend for the full learning period, they are encouraged to attend office hours that day for any additional support and enhancement.

     A student cannot be considered absent solely due to not logging into an online resource/lesson on a remote learning day. A student will be marked as “present-off-site” (1R) based on evidence of student engagement. A teacher who has a face to face interaction, e.g., virtual meeting or phone interaction, with a student on that current day can mark a student “present-off-site.” A student will be marked “unexcused absence” (2A) until the two-way communication is established and/or work is completed for that day and submitted.

     A teacher may change a student’s attendance based on evidence of student engagement that is collected after the current day due to completion of work that is turned in at a later date OR if there is two-way communication with the teacher on the day of the absence.


    NCDPI Guidance on Attendance

    On remote learning days, daily attendance must be taken in the student information system, PowerSchool. A student is considered present for daily attendance during a remote learning day if either of these statements are true:

    • If a student completes their daily assignments, either online or offline; and/or if a student is present in synchronous instruction.
    • If a student has a daily check-in, a two-way communication, with each course teacher.


     Student Procedures When Absent


    1. Try to let teacher know ahead of time that you will be absent
    2. Communicate via Office Hours, email, Remind, Talking Points, etc. to establish the two-way communication on the day of the absence to be marked present off-site (1R) for class
    1. Go to teachers’ website(s) to retrieve any assignments and work from the missed class period and submit work
    2. Email any doctor’s or excused notes to enloehs-attendance@wcpss.net within two days of the absence to be kept on file with the Attendance Office. Ms. Bonaparte will not be coding students with an excused absence in PS based on notes, they will be kept in the student’s file. *Remember that if two-way communication takes place between student & teacher AND/OR if assignments are completed for class on the day of the absence, the student will be marked present by the teacher.


    Teacher Procedures for Student Absence


    1. Mark student 2A (unexcused absence) UNTIL two-way communication takes place with the student on the day of the absence AND/OR until work from the day of the absence is completed and submitted.
    2. Update attendance to show 1R when the two-way communication has taken place and/or when the work is submitted from that day.
    3. Even if a note is provided to Ms. Bonaparte for an excused absence, she will not be marking it in PS. Teachers and students should follow the procedures outlined in this document to accurately record attendance for ANY absence.
    4. Students who are assigned to ALC are to be marked (1R). They will attend virtually via Google Meet with the ALC teacher Ms. Sham Jones. Teachers are to provide work for the students who are assigned to ALC. Ms. Jones will communicate attendance with each teacher.
    5. Students who receive OSS will be coded “3” for Out of School Suspension. Ms. Bonaparte will enter suspensions as she receives them from administration. These absences cannot be changed to 1R with the completion of work or two-way communication.
    6. Tardy codes will not be used for students in remote learning.
    7. If a student is absent for three consecutive days in a given class, the teacher will contact the student and parent/family. For excessive absences, the teacher should reach out to the SAP (Tara Gullatt) for additional support in communicating with the student and family.