• Crossroads FLEX will serve high school students whose outside interests and activities require considerable amounts of time during regular school hours. This could include someone attending a ballet conservatory, for example, or training for highly competitive athletic events. Other obligations, such as work schedules or family commitments, could qualify a student for Crossroad FLEX. Crossroads FLEX also will serve students who need a schedule not offered at a regular, comprehensive high school.

    What makes Crossroads FLEX different from traditional schools?

    By virtue of its name, the school will offer flexibility in scheduling, along with a reasonable mixture of facilitated and online learning opportunities. It will be open at hours that allow students to take early morning as well as early afternoon classes. This will also be the first Wake County public high school that provides one-to-one student-to-computer/device access.

    How will attendance be counted if students come and go at different times?

    There will be a minimum number of hours students will be required to spend in class, as well as a minimum number of hours students must be logged in to online, or virtual classes.

    What types of classes will be offered?

    In addition to the 22 required core classes, there will be a variety of electives offered to help students meet the 26 hours needed to meet graduation standards.

    What grades will the school serve? How many students?

    The school will be open to ninth- through 12th-graders and will serve approximately 150 students, which is the school’s current capacity.

    Will students acquire enough credits to qualify for college?

    School counselors will ensure that Crossroads FLEX students will have access to the most rigorous coursework as appropriate for individual students so that they will be College and Career Ready.

    What about extracurricular opportunities?

    Due to the flexible scheduling at Crossroads FLEX, students will not have access to WCPSS extracurricular activities.