• About Us


    Wake County Public School System will provide a relevant and engaging education and will graduate students who are collaborative, creative, effective communicators, and critical thinkers


    Who We Serve

    River Oaks serves at-risk students who are not experiencing adequate success in their base schools. Students referred to River Oaks often are failing academically.  They also may demonstrate some behavioral difficulties in their base school. These difficulties are usually of a playful nature and occur most often during the unstructured times and areas at the base school.  Students who benefit from River Oaks have demonstrated a history of building some positives relationships with adults in their schools and demonstrate a desire to improve their circumstances.


    Student Profile

    • Student is mildy to moderately at risk of school failure.
    • Student may be one to two grades levels behind in academic subjects.
    • Student may be on grade level or above but has some difficulties with interaction with peers and adults.
    • Student is able to be redirected by teacher and the administration but may be easily distractive or off-taslk.
    • Student has established a pattern of being able to build positive relationships with adults in the school.
    • Majority of student's misbehaviors occur during unstructured times (gym, cafeteria, hall, bathroom, etc.).
    • Student does not have a history of severe or aggresive behaviors.

    Note: River Oaks is not designed to accept students with severe emotional problems.