• Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS)

    River Oaks Middle is proud to say that we are a Positive Behavior and Intervention School (PBIS). The purpose of PBIS is to help create a positive school  cllimate and help students succeed by focusing on what they are doing "right."  We sue a point and level system and all students have a point sheet or monitoring system to help  them stay  on track.  If students are successful, they can earn rewards like outside time during lunch, dress code free days, quarterly field trips, and a chance to win in the weekly raffle.  Students can earn up  to two points for each goal each class period and 100 points per day.  We like to see students earn at least 85% of their points, so any day students earn at least 85 points is considered successful. We have four different level:

    Level R focuses on respect, rules, and behavioral procedures.  Students will be on this sheet for a minimum of 5 weeks. If they have 5 weeks at 85% or higher, they will move on to the next level.  They must have the last three consecutive weeks at 85% to move to A.

    Level A focuses on acting responsibly and academics.  The point sheet is now academically focused and students have demonstated that they mastered behavior and need to focus on academic based things.  If students have ISS, OSS, ALC for behavior or other behavior concerns they will be placed on a 3 week probation.  If they get back on track, they will return to level A.

    Level M stands for maintaining integrity, behavior, and academic.  Students move onto a self monitoring system including an agenda.  If successful for 5 weeks, they will move to level S.  If students have ISS, OSS, or ALC for behavior or other behavior concerns, they will be placed on a 3 week probation.  If they get back on track, they will return to a level A.

    Level S stands for smooth sailing with self control.  Students move to an agenda/teacher signature system and reap all of the benefits of the higher levels AND get dress code free each Friday.

    All students begin on Level R and we celebrate as students move up and we will send a letter home explaining each the new level.  If parents wish to have a copy of their child's point sheet, please contact their Guided Study teacher.


    If you would like to make a donation to the PBIS rewards, please contact Mrs. Petersen or Mrs. Floyd.