• General Admission

    River Oaks Middle School includes two separate programs for referring Wake County middle school students. Our traditional program serves students who are not finding success in their base school.  This lack of success may be attributed to factors including motivation, minor behavioral issues, and/or adjustment concerns.  We offer all core academic subjects, as well as small class size and academic enrichment.

    Our second program, The Booster Program, is a rigorous academic acceleration program designed to help overage seventh and eighth grade students. This program consists of a year and a half of curriculum during one semester in order to help qualified students get on track for high school. 

    Criteria for Referral/Admission

    If a student has not been through the Tier process, referrals must be accompanied by a description and documentation of at least two research-based interventions.  These interventions should be developed by classroom and student service staff in the area(s) where the student is experiencing difficulty.  Documentation may include narrative reports or graphs of student progress.  School Psychologists can assist with this process.  An intervention documentation form is included under the "Admissions" tab.  Please complete this form and include it in the application packet.

    All students who may be suspected of an educational disability must complete the referral process, as well as eligibility determination and IEP development, If appropriate, prior to a River Oaks referral.  Once a referral packet is submitted, River Oaks will schedule an intake session with the base school to discuss and review the referral and identify goals and objectives upon acceptance.  If accepted, students are scheduled for an orientation/admission session within one to two weeks.  The student's parents are required to attend the orientation/admissions session.

    If you are interested in River Oaks Middle School, please reach out to your student's school counselor or to one of the River Oaks Counselors, below;


    Makiya Wilson, Traditional Counselor



    Jamie McClain, Booster Counselor