• Teachers and parents are partners in serving the best interest of the students. Please contact the team leader to set up a conference. Teachers may be available to return phone calls, email, or meet with parents during planning periods or after school. We will not interrupt instruction for conferences or phone calls. Many teams also provide a newsletter, emails, have website or send regular calendar reminders home to parents.  To view the staff directory, visit this page.

    Team Leaders:

    6th Grade

    • Alpha Wolves- Ms. Christine Resta                        cresta@wcpss.net
    • Silver Wolves- Mr. Fussell and Ms. Kellerman         aefussell@wcpss.net,  lkellerman@wcpss.net 

    7th grade

    • Royal Wolves- Ms. Heather Macsuga and Ms. Nicole Boriotti        hmacsuga@wcpss.net, nboriotti@wcpss.net
    • Dream Team- Ms. Lasonja Cunningham                                    lcunningham@wcpss.net                

    8th Grade

    • Dire Wolves- Mr. Zachary Yoder                      zyoder@wcpss.net
    • Patriotic Wolves- Ms. Gina Debose                   gdebose@wcpss.net
    • Red Wolves- Ms. Tamuri Basaldu.                    tbasaldu@wcpss.net               

    Student Services

    • Counselor- Ms. Christne Cox                   ccox2@wcpss.net                    6th Grade    ext. 22378
    • Counselor- Ms. Meredith Furr                  mfurr@wcpss.net                    7th Grade    ext. 22380
    • Counselor- Ms. Elaine Harper                  charper@wcpss.net                 8th Grade    ext. 22330
    • AIG Specialist- Ms. Heather Thompson    hthompson3@wcpss.net           All Grades   ext. 22358

    Special Education: Co -Department Chairs

    • Ms. Angie Mills                                 amills2@wcpss.net             All Grades
    • Ms. Cathy Shifflett                           cshifflett@wcpss.net           All Grades 


    • Principal - Alison Clevleand                                                  acleveland@wcpss.net
    • 8th Grade Assistant Principal-  Mr. Jerry Griffith                     jgriffith@wcpss.net
    • 7th Grade Assistant Principal - Ms. Mary Ciffone-Baker           mciffone-baker@wcpss.net
    • 6th Grade Assistant Principal- Ms. Annette Stegner                astegner@wcpss.net