Wakefield Middle School is a traditional-calendar middle school serving approximately 850 students. Wakefield Middle is located in Northern Wake County near the town of Wake Forest. Just north of and east of Falls Lake, the campus is centrally located in the Wakefield Community. The middle school is adjacent to Wakefield Elementary and High Schools. Wakefield Middle is a comprehensive public middle school that offers a traditional curriculum based on the North Carolina Standard Course of Study.
    Wakefield Middle School opened in 1999 with just a 6th grade class located in the Wakefield Elementary School building. Sanderson High School utilized the current middle school building during their renovation in 1999. Wakefield Middle School officially opened its doors in 2000 with a commitment to providing an education which prepares all students for future challenges.

    Decades later, Wakefield’s staff remains committed to challenging and supporting student growth through rigorous instruction and differentiation to improve student achievement.


    Wakefield Middle School -Vision

    WMS will create an inclusive community-based school, which fosters strong character development and equips students to become collaborative and creative real-world problem-solvers.

    Wakefield Middle School - Mission

    Wakefield Middle School will provide a relevant, rigorous and engaging education, promote positive character development and develop student skills in collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking.

    WMS Value Statements:

    • The WMS staff will be innovative, professional, caring, and knowledgeable and will challenge all students to reach their full potential.
    • WMS will utilize data-driven decision-making for continuous improvement and implementation of the 4 C’s and the WCPSS Strategic Plan.
    • WMS will promote effective communication among students, teachers, and parents in order to develop partnerships between the school and community stakeholders.
    • WMS will develop inclusive classrooms that value diversity and respect.




Degrees and Certifications: