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  • Bell Schedule

    Wakefield Middle School will operate on an 8:30 – 3:15 p.m. bell schedule Monday through Friday.  We will alternate between A and B days consistently. 

    • The students will experience consistency between the In-Person Learning Environment and the Online Learning Environment as they will continue to follow an alternating A/B schedule as a whole school. 
    • When in person, instructional minutes will be lost each day due to health screenings, structured transitions, structured bathroom and handwashing breaks, and the sanitation of classroom materials. Fewer transitions and longer class periods will gain back some of that lost time.  
    • Within each block, students can expect daily live instruction for a portion of the class time.  Students will also engage in independent work, small group virtual activities, and individual or small group teacher support.
    • Depending on the learning goals and activity design of each class, some days will build in longer or shorter non-screen, independent time.
    • Special Education Services will be scheduled into students’ core and/or elective classes as reflected on their IEP.  With longer classes, specialty teachers (SPED, ESL, AIG, Intervention) can push into both in-person and remote classes within the same block to provide services. 
    • The Independent Work Block is time for the student to complete work for any class.  It is also a time when students who receive AIG, ESL, Intervention, etc. will meet virtually with their service providers.  The service providers will schedule these meetings with students. 
    • The Independent Work Block can also be used for special education teachers to meet individually with their students to work on specific IEP goals.
    • Elective teachers (non Healthful Living) will develop project-based learning units that provide opportunity for voice and choice as well as independent or small group research.  They will include time within their in-person class to hold virtual meetings and check-ins with their online students.  
    • On the Online Learning Schedule, there is  least an hour of time blocked off for lunch when combined with office hours or Independent Work time.