• Green Bees (Student Eco-Action Team)

    MECME's Green Bees are part of our school's Eco-Action Team comprised of students from grades 3-5 and teachers, who work together to make our school greener.  In the past, Green Bees have helped MECME achieve our goal of becoming a Green Flag school with Eco-Schools USA.  The Eco‐Schools USA program focuses on greening existing school buildings, school grounds, curricula, and the student experience.

    This year, students will meet on Wednesday mornings (7:15-7:45 am) with their advisors and other Green Bees to engage in greening activities and work around our campus.  

    Students who are interested in becoming a Green Bee and being a part of MECME's Eco-School initiative need to apply using the 2023-2024 Green Bees Application  Teacher recommendations are required.