• Environmental Inquiry and Expeditions at Millbrook

    MECME leverages children's innate interest in nature to instill scientific inquiry, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.  During both Expeditions and Environmental Inquiry, students are drawn outside regularly to experience and engage with the natural world in a variety of classes and activities.  


    Expeditions (Electives) at Millbrook

    Expeditions are quarterly elective courses that are offered daily for 30 minutes for students in grades K-5.  

    Expeditions are a way for MECME students to connect to Environmental Science with choice in mind.  Students will be able to go more in depth about a topic that they are already interested in, that has recently piqued their interest, or that is something that they have yet to be exposed to.  Through expeditions we encourage growing minds to think, work and communicate like botanists, geologists, chemists, physicists, entomologists, marine biologists, engineers and much more.  Classes are rooted in math and literacy and include wide-ranging topics such as:

    • Garden Design
    • Treasures from the Earth: Rocks and Minerals
    • Give Bees a Chance
    • Whistle While You Work
    • Who, Me? A Scientist?
    • Take a Hike
    • Botanist Designers
    • PONDering Life
    • 3, 2, 1 Blast Off!
    • Coastal Ecology
    • Animal Action

    Expeditions are taught by classroom teachers on grade bands (K/1, 2/3, 4/5).  Depending on the expedition, students may transition to another classroom during their expedition time.  


    Environmental Inquiry (E-Inquiry)

    E-Inquiry is an additional special class that all students participate in 2 days per week.

    MECME students are empowered to explore real-world problems and challenges to gain valuable knowledge and develop deeper competencies through the school's problem-based Environmental Inquiry class .  

     Known as E-Inquiry among students and staff, these unique classes are led by designated E-Inquiry teachers and focus on four broad themes including:

    • Living Things
    • Earth Science & Solar System
    • Environmental & Community Connections
    • Weather & Climate

    Our school is equipped with three separate E-Inquiry labs that serve all students.  E-Inquiry units vary by grade and have included presentations by local community members, studies of natural habitats, investigations into reusing and recycling, research into human systems and their functions, nature walks and more. 

    For more information about E-Inquiry, click here.

    E-Inquiry Teachers 



    Natalie Avilez

    Environmental Inquiry Teacher 

    "E-Inquiry is a space where we join forces and collaborate to solve a problem. Students in E-inquiry take control of their learning as they explore real life issues and come up with creative solutions."

    Read more about Natalie and the E-Inquiry lab in our Faculty Spotlight



    Tracy Brumble

    Environmental Inquiry Teacher 

     "I've always had a passion for protecting natural areas and the insects and animals we find there. Environmental Science often leads to action for positive change to keep our environments safe."

    Read more about Tracy and the E-Inquiry lab in our Faculty Spotlight

Child holding plant and classifying things found in nature