• Parents with car riders can pick up a carpool sign from their classroom teachers at the beginning of the year. Please write your child’s name on the card and put it in the front dashboard of your vehicle. Please contact the office if you lose your card. You cannot pick up your child in the carpool lane unless you have the carpool sign. You will be asked to enter the building to sign out your child.

    Car riders can be dropped off at the front of the school starting at 8:50am. Please do not drop off your child before this time. Teachers are engaged in meetings in the mornings and are not in their classrooms before this time to receive your child. If you need earlier care, please contact the school office for before school care information and enrollment forms.

    Car-riders are picked up in the front of the school beginning at 3:50.  Due to the traffic back-up on Dwight Rowland Rd. and the safety issue caused by early arrival of parents, we require that you do not arrive at school before 3:40 to get in line – the later the better.  Our car-rider line moves quickly once we get started, and if you arrive after 3:55, there is a minimal wait time for you and a safer traffic situation for the community.  Thanks so much for your help in cooperating with these guidelines.

    Please contact the office if you need after school care.

    Rules and etiquette:

    *Cars should turn right to enter into the school.

    *Please drive slowly and watch for children and parents in the parking lot.

    *Do not park in the spaces to drop off your child unless you are entering the building with them. Please use the crosswalk. Please sign in and get a sticker when you enter the school.

    *Pull up and wait for your turn to drop off or load your child in the front of the school. Several safety patrol officers are generally available to help your child(ren) in the mornings. Teacher assistants help load children in the afternoons.

    *Please have your child(ren) exit or enter the vehicle from the passenger side. Do not have your child walk around your vehicle.

    *Please do not drop your child off by the gym even if you have a 5th grade child. They can walk from the front of the school. It is much safer for your child and for you. Stopping by the gym can cause a traffic jam and a possible accident because cars will have to pass you.

    *Do not pass other vehicles in the carpool lane. Please be patient and wait for the vehicle in front of you to move. Sometimes, a vehicle may pull over to assist their child or perhaps, close a lodged door. If this happens, it is okay to slowly pass the car. If you pull over your car for this reason, please use your flashers.

    *Exit the parking lot slowly and use your signals.

    *Please do not turn left into the school. If you are coming down Hwy 42 going West go past Dwight Rowland Rd. Turn right on Kennebec. The carpool lane often backs up onto Kennebec in the afternoons.

    *If you forget and find yourself trying to turn left into the school, please go down and turn around. Then, you will be in the flow of traffic. Waiting to turn left into the school can be dangerous. It will cause a traffic jam and waiting to turn can cause buses to get stopped behind you. Remember, it is bad etiquette to turn in front of people who have been waiting and who followed the rules to begin with :0)

    *Children are not allowed to ride in the back of trucks. Please have appropriate restraints for your child in your vehicle.

    *Finally, if you need to enter the building, please park in a parking space. Do not park on a curb or behind other vehicles (even if it’s only for a minute). If you cannot find a parking space after driving through a few times, there are additional parking spaces near the bus loop. You can park facing the woods or playground. Do not block the bus lane or park in their spaces.  Sometimes people park on the side of the road. Please be careful! Drop your child off at the front of the school before you park if you find yourself parking on Dwight Rowland Rd.