*** Request a WSES Car Tag HERE.


    Click the links below to see what to expect in our car line:

    Carpool New Audio English Version

    Carpool New Audio Spanish Version



    • Carpool will begin at 8:45 AM each morning.


    • Students will be dismissed from the classroom.  Families have been assigned a carpool number. Please display the tag on your rearview mirror for staff to see. If you have not received your new carpool tag, please contact the office at 919.557.2770. 


    • Carpool Line: Please do not arrive prior to 3:40 because our turn lane cannot accommodate a long line. There will be a double lane in the new circle, and staff will be out to direct the traffic at 3:45. Please do not arrive early. Please do not park in the circle

    ***NOTE: DO NOT turn left into the parking lot as it disrupts traffic safety and flow!

    Rules and etiquette:

    • Cars should turn right to enter into the school.
    • Please drive slowly and watch for children and parents in the parking lot.
    • Please have your child(ren) exit or enter the vehicle from the passenger side. Do not have your child walk around your vehicle.
    • Do not pass other vehicles in the carpool lane. Please be patient and wait for the vehicle in front of you to move. Sometimes, a vehicle may pull over to assist their child or perhaps, close a lodged door. If this happens, it is okay to slowly pass the car. If you pull over your car for this reason, please use your flashers.
    • Exit the parking lot slowly and use your signals.
    • Please do not turn left into the school. If you are coming down Hwy 42 going West go past Dwight Rowland Rd. Turn right on Kennebec. The carpool lane often backs up onto Kennebec in the afternoons.
    • Children are not allowed to ride in the back of trucks. Please have appropriate restraints for your child in your vehicle.
    • Finally, if you need to enter the building, please park in a parking space. Do not park on a curb or behind other vehicles (even if it’s only for a minute). If you cannot find a parking space after driving through a few times, there are additional parking spaces near the bus loop. You can park facing the woods or playground. Do not block the bus lane or park in their spaces.  Sometimes people park on the side of the road. Please be careful! Drop your child off at the front of the school before you park if you find yourself parking on Dwight Rowland Rd.