Fifth Grade

  • Dear Fifth Grade Students,

    Welcome to fifth grade! We hope you are as eager as we are to get our year started. We have many exciting adventures in store, and we just know we are going to make this a fantastic year together!

    We suspect that along with being excited about the new year, there is a part of you that may be feeling a little bit nervous. Don’t worry- that’s normal. Just remember that you are not alone; we will all help one another through this transition to fifth grade.

    We have many interesting topics to explore throughout the year. In science, we’ll learn about Ecosystems, Human Body, Weather and Force and Motion. In social studies, our units of study are Economy, Revolutionary Unit, Government and Westward Expansion, and Civil War and Reconstruction. In math, we’ll be learning more with geometry, fractions, multiplication and division, and decimals. Of course, we’ll be doing a lot of reading and writing as well. We know you’re going to enjoy a variety of literary genres and writing topics.

    We understand that learning is not always easy, and you are going to have days when you just don’t want to work hard. During those difficult times, remember that the harder you push yourself, the more you’ll “blossom” throughout the year. Education is a precious gift that can steer you on the path to success. We are here to help you be the best you can be.

    So let’s get started growing together. Encourage your fellow classmates to do the same. We know that this is going to be a great year!

    We look forward to seeing you soon!


    The Fifth Grade Team