Fourth Grade

  • The fourth grade teachers would like to welcome all fourth grade students and families to the new school year. There are lots of great things in store for you, and we are very excited to get the year started! In fourth grade, students will review and build upon many of the concepts they have learned in past years, as well as learn many new ones.

    Curriculum Snap-Shot:

    Reading: We will sharpen our reading and writing skills while exploring 4 different modules, Poetry, Animals, American Revolution and Women’s Suffrage. Each module centers on a whole class text and a writing task. We also will be diving into book clubs, which not only gives the students an authentic opportunity to practice their newly learned skills, but also motivates them to become independent readers.

    Math: Students will continue to develop their multiplication and division skills as we move into multi-digit multiplication and long division. Students will also be exposed to deeper fraction concepts, as well as introduced to decimals.  It is imperative that students come in to 4th grade with a mastery of multiplication facts from 0 - 12.

    Science: Students will participate in hands-on science units throughout the year, including Earth Materials, Magnetism and Electricity, Animal Studies, and Landforms.

    Social Studies: Students will be immersed in North Carolina’s culture, people, economy, and regions.

    The fourth grade teachers are looking forward to getting to know your child and family. We know that the school year is going to be great! Enjoy the rest of your summer vacation!

    See you in August!

    The Fourth Grade Team



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