• Welcome from the ECS team! We look forward to working with our students on their way to becoming independent learners.  

    Throughout the year we will follow the monthly topics in Unique Learning System.

    September-Government: Exploring rules at home and in the community

    October-Physical Science: Exploring how things move, forces in nature

    November-History/Geography: Exploring how and why people move from place to place. 

    January-Health/Life Science: Exploring parts of the body and how to stay healthy

    February-History: Exploring culture and traditions and how they come together to form communities.

    March-Earth and Space Science: Exploring weather and seasons

    April-Geography: Exploring how and why the earth changes.

    May-Life Science: Exploring plants and life cycles. 

    August, December, and June are designed for transition where we explore opportunities to participate in the community through culture and tradition. 


    We are going to have a great year!