Fifth Grade

  • Dear Families,

    It is our pleasure to welcome everyone back to this momentous year for our fifth grade students.  We are all excitedly anticipating the start of the 2022-2023 school year and having the opportunity to work with your child. Fifth grade is full of new material and interesting topics and requires added commitment to homework along with added focus in class. We view this year as a transitional year from elementary school to middle school and work very hard at helping your child develop the organizational, academic, and social skills needed to make a successful transition.

    In order to ensure a successful school year, we feel it is essential to maintain open and frequent communication between the parent and teacher.  We encourage parents to actively participate in their child's education by assisting students with homework, encouraging them to do their best, ensuring they are studying every week, and reminding them about proper behavior that should be displayed at school. Please feel free to contact us about student progress or any problem or challenge that may come up. We must have a working phone number or a way to get in contact with you at all times so please be sure to update any contact information should it change throughout the year. Also, make sure to regularly check the school and 5th grade website for school and PTA updates and events.

    For your convenience, there is a Student-Parent Handbook located on the Wake County Public School website for you to review with your child. It outlines the attendance policy, code of conduct, dress code, and other important student guidelines.

    Enjoy the rest of your summer vacation.


    The Fifth Grade Team (


    The Fifth Grade Team

    2022-2023 Supply List

    These are items that will be helpful in our first semester. We may send out a request for other supplies in January. We thank you for anything you can contribute and will ensure that ALL students have the supplies needed to be successful in school. Some supplies will be collected, stored, and passed out as needed.

    Individual Supplies :

    o Pencils - (3 pkg of 24)

    o Kids scissors

    o 1 pkg of 3 glue sticks

    o Wide ruled paper – 2 large pkgs. 

    o 2 boxes of tissues

    o Colored pencils – 1 box

    o Pencil pouch or box

    o 1 box of zipping plastic bags (boys-quart sized, girls-gallon sized)

    o 1 (one inch) binders – NO TRAPPER KEEPERS (ELA)

    o 3 spiral one subject notebooks (1 math, 1 Science/Social Studies,1 extra)

    o 1 pkg. of 8 dividers

    o 1 pocket folder

    o 1 set of ear buds/earphones

    o Reusable water bottle

    Donations of a ream of colored copy paper, extra supplies, or sports equipment are always appreciated.


    Here's a printable version of the supply list.

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